The Auld Alliance Twinning Association.

The Auld Alliance Twinning Association was established over 15 years ago.

The Auld Alliance links the villages of Penpont, Keir, Tynron, and Dunscore in Dumfries and Galloway, with the villages of Le Deluge, Ressons L’Abbaye, La Neuville D’Aumont and Le Coudray sur Thelle in the Oise region of France ,just north of Paris.

The organisation that we are twinned with is called La Vieille Alliance.The twinning came about because of the family connections of a local couple, who formed a friendship with a group of teachers from the villages in France. The children from their respective schools began to correspond. The whole group then met up in an outdoor centre in Brittany. Adult visits then followed with the official twinning taking place in 1995 marked by ceremonies in France and Scotland. This was enabled by the personal voluntary commitment of the families involved and by support from various grant-giving bodies, including the local council.

The European Union has been supportive in granting funds for themed and educational visits. The exchange visits of groups of 30-40 occur on an annual or bi-annual basis. Many people have taken part in these visits over the years as hosts, visitors or as support and help at various related events. The organisation is open and welcomes all those living in or around the villages and also those who have connections with any of the villages.

For further information please contact Mary Waugh 01387 820301.