This group is one of over 250 in Scotland. Our aim is to link environmental issues to our Christian faith and to respond with action in our church and community.

Since 2003 we have worked with other groups in Dunscore, including the Community Council, the school and Pre-school. We are also involved in global environmental issues, raising money for the Lubuto congregation in Zambia and World Vision. We were instrumental in the setting up of Dunscore Fairtrade Group.

As a church, we try to be environmentally aware by using recycled paper, safe cleaning products and Fairtrade food. Our electricity is supplied by Good Energy. We have a ‘Green Corner’ with a library, magazine exchange, notice board and an area for recycling printer cartridges, mobile phones, spectacles, milk bottle tops and stamps. We also run a Freecycle scheme which involves the local community. We actively encourage people to walk or cycle to church or to car share wherever possible.

We have been given three awards by Eco-Congregation Scotland. The first in 2005, the second in 2008 and the third in 2012. You can see these on the wall outside the church.

We are part of a network of Eco-Congregations in Dumfries and Galloway. Other registered churches include St. Andrew’s in Annan, Dalbeattie Parish Church and St Andrews RC Church in Dumfries.