Dunscore is a Fairtrade Village. A group of like-minded people started a Fairtrade Village steering group in 2007 with the aim of meeting the criteria set out by the Fairtrade Foundation for Fairtrade Village status. We were delighted to achieve this in February 2009 and became the first Fairtrade Village in Dumfries and Galloway!

Fairtrade is a way to help relieve poverty by changing how we shop. If you buy goods which have the Fairtrade Mark then you know that the producers have been guaranteed a fair price for their goods. They are also given an extra amount on top of this (the Fairtrade Premium) for community projects such as schools, clean water and health programmes. You can see more about what buying Fairtrade products can achieve here.

Living in a farming community, we are well aware that it is not only farmers in developing countries who suffer trade injustice. We encourage people to buy locally supporting our local farmers, producers and businesses and, in turn, are delighted to have received great support for Fairtrade in Dunscore from our community including businesses, organisations and individuals. You can see a list of Dunscore businesses and organisations that are supportive of Fairtrade here.

In October 2010, Russell Brown MP unveiled new signs at the entrance to the village proudly stating that we are a Fairtrade Village.

We work to promote Fairtrade in diverse and interesting ways including:

  • Welcoming Fairtrade producers to Dunscore to hear first-hand about how Fairtrade has changed their lives. Most recently, we welcomed Charles Chavi, a Malawian sugar producer.
  • Running many events to promote Fairtrade including a Big Brew during Fairtrade Fortnight (in February / March each year)
  • Working with the school Fairtrade Group (the Fabulous, Friendly Fairtraders) as they work through the stages of becoming a Fairtrade School.
  • Supporting the Pre-School as they too head for Fareware status.

Fairtrade Village meets every few weeks and participates in activities throughout the year. You can see what we have been doing recently by joining our Facebook group – Dunscore Fairtrade Village.

If you live in or near dunscore, you are part of the Fairtrade Village! We are always pleased to welcome new people to our meetings. Contact John Lowery, Chair of the Fairtrade Village on 820252 to find out more.

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